We are Lodestone Brands
Consumers are our focus – Our focus will always be on the people who choose our brands and enjoy our product. They are the people whose loyal support has seen us grow our short history, and we will always remain committed to meeting their changing needs with the very best products we can manufacture.

Brands are our passion – We research and invest in brands that meet key consumer needs; that offer our stakeholders potential for growth, that bring innovation, opportunity and leadership to their category. It’s who we are, it’s what we do.

Quality through world class manufacturing – We are committed to maintaining the highest standards of quality through the development and implementation of manufacturing processes that meet the most stringent international standards. Our manufacturing facilities countrywide are constantly upgraded with new technologies that enhance product quality and production capacity. Our workforce of over 1000 employees benefits from ongoing training aimed at upgrading their skills, enhancing efficiency and promoting their personal well-being.

Innovation that excites and delights – Our reputation is being built on a continuous stream of innovation. It’s innovation that grows categories, enhances stakeholder value and cements our products’ place in the hearts and minds of our market.
The Lodestone Brands team
Great Leadership - The success of any brand is measured by the expertise and commitment of the team behind it. Lodestone Brands founding team has worked together for over a number of years to build our current portfolio.
Peter Beckert
Group Chief Financial Officer.
Mark Russel
Mark Russel
Chief Executive Officer Baby & Personal Care.
They are supported by sales and marketing, supply chain and financial management team recruited from the best in their business. It's the people we employ who have helped cement the leadership of our brands.
Cliff Sampson
CEO for Lodestone Brands
Alastair Gore
Chief Executive Officer Confectionery.
Conceptualisation by Three Partners
Acquisition finance raised
Initial investment in Candy Tops
Initial investment in National Pride
Initial investment in Mister Sweet
Initial investment in Dynamic Brands
Acquisition of all minority interests
Merger of confectionery businesses
Creation of 3 divisions - Baby & Personal Care, Confectionery and Beverages
Private equity shareholders exit
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