More than you can imagine
Mister Sweet is a constantly evolving brand that stands for world-class quality and ground breaking innovation in the confectionery market. The Mister Sweet business was established 46 years ago and has grown from humble beginnings. The Mister Sweet range spans everything from gums and jellies to liquorice and chocolate nibbles and just about everything in between! Wild, wacky and totally delicious, the ultimate Mister Sweet treats are available at leading retail outlets across Southern Africa. The product range is available in all pack formats including on-the-go mini prepacks, family sharing packs, party packs and countlines. READ MORE...
Little mischief makers
A household name in this country for many years, Rascals made a triumphant return when Mister Sweet brought their chewy goodness back to sweet aisles across the country, adding exciting new variants like Soda, Sours and Wild Berries flavours in easy on-the-go bags and larger family sharing packs.
More recently the wild and wacky taste of Rascals has been taken into the ready-to-drink beverage category to delight the taste buds of a whole new market. READ MORE...
South africa’s original toffee
A firm favourite on trader tables and spaza counters, Champion is a genuine heritage brand that proudly reflects its Mzansi heritage with its iconic jazz-themed packaging and delicious flavours that offer the nation, a BIG taste that lasts.
There are other imitators out there but there can only be one truly South African Champion! READ MORE...
The Good Times Chew
A well-known brand of the past has been successfully re-introduced into the local confectionery market. Take a trip down memory lane with the Good Times Chew and enjoy delicious fruity cheer with real fruit pieces, smoothie chews and other chewy, fruity great tastes! READ MORE...